Welcome in Seashells World!!!

You may want to look into adding a bit of life to your art, craft or display with something that comes directly from the ocean.

Imagine your projects that you can create with Seashells or Starfish. The ideas are endless when you start to look at the different things that you can do with seashells.

Turittella Shells and Starfish

Turittella SeaShells and Venus Starfish

Beach Mix Medium Shells

Beach Mix Medium SeaShells

Various Small Seashells

Various Small Seashells


There are plenty types of sea shells.

The most common craft seashells are:

  • Auger,
  • Transverse Ark,
  • Cut Ribbed Ark, 
  • Conches of different types,
  • Melampus,
  • Starfish and Corals.

When looking at Seashells and Starfish for craft and display, you will find that there are no limits to your creativity. No matter what you want to do with shells, you can definitely accomplish it.

The imagination is the only limit, so if you have a project in mind, or you want to experiment, sea shells or starfish lend themselves well to anything you can think of.

Whether you want to have something simple or something complex, you’ll find that it can be easy to get crafty with seashells.

SeashellsOnTop is owned by company My-Shells, offering online large selection of seashells and starfish for craft, display and decorations.


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Seashells and Starfish Online

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